Ruandy Albisurez: Blog en-us (C) Ruandy Albisurez (Ruandy Albisurez) Sat, 08 Apr 2017 00:40:00 GMT Sat, 08 Apr 2017 00:40:00 GMT Ruandy Albisurez: Blog 120 80 Portland Night Owls Occasionally when I can't sleep at night I call up friends interested in shooting and staying out past dark. This night I spent a couple of hours roaming around downtown Portland with Alana looking for cool places to shoot. This was one of my favorite shots from that night. Got some exercise walking, some good conversation and the chance to create some awesome images(which I recently discovered are awesome for warding off anxiety with me). All in all was a blast. See, it pays to be friends with photographers! 

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Roadside Improv Shoot So while driving down the street with my friend Marty we just happened to drive past a small couch on the sidewalk. It was a clear and sunny day and Marty was looking pretty fresh that day in his hipster wardrobe so I told him to make a u-turn and pull up near the couch. I said we're shooting a picture! Confused he asked of what? I said get out and give me a hand as we walked over towards the couch. I initially wanted to position it in the middle of the street for the shot but Marty wasn't feeling sitting in the middle of the road on a small couch with cars going past so I had to settle for the sidewalk. Regardless the shot turned out good! Thanks Marty.

California Cool

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2015 NW Cup #1 Downhill mountain bike racing season in the NW is officially under way. I spent all of the weekend of April 24-26th in Port Angeles for the first stop of the NW Cup 2015. I really love shooting all the high speed racing action from downhill events. Expect to see more coverage from me in the upcoming races. Good luck to all the racers!

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